Lawn and Garden Gas Powered Equipment Tune-Up:

Now's the best time to service your lawn mower, trimmer, roto-tiller, generator and other outdoor power equipment. As the seasons change, it’s no telling if it will be a wet spring, dry summer, or a hard winter. It can be a lot less stressful if your equipment is ready to meet any task you might encounter.

Allowing All Seasons Equipment & Small Engine Repair to service your lawn mower and other gas powered lawn and garden engines is a great way to ensure it's in top working order for the mowing season.

The importance of sharpening a mowers blade is often overlooked. A dull blade rips and pulls the grass blades, leaving ragged tears that both weaken the plant and promote fungal growth and other grass diseases. A sharp blade, on the other hand, cuts cleanly, allowing the plant to heal and recover quickly. Sharp blades also let you complete your lawn-cutting chore faster and with less stress on the mower. Bring your mover to All Seasons Equipment & Small Engine Repair and allow us to sharpen you mowers blade twice each season to help maintain a green, healthy lawn.

Chain Saw Maintenance

We recommend you bring in your chain saw for our standard check-up and preventive maintenance, before it starts to act up, to avoid a greater expense down the road. Difficult starting could be anything from stale fuel to a bad spark plug. On the other hand, a loss of power at full throttle could indicate a dirty air filter or a clogged exhaust chamber. And even with the engine running perfectly, it might be time to sharpen the chain before their dullness can cause further complications.

Blade Sharpening. We'll inspect your lawn mower blade, sharpen it, and let you know if you need to purchase a new one.

Oil Replacement. To ensure you the engine on your equipment is properly getting cooled and lubricated during usage, we’ll look for floating debris or oil that is dark black in color and replace it with fresh oil if needed

Air Filter. A clogged or dirty air filter puts added stress on the mower and burns gas less efficiently.

Spark Plug Replacement. The spark plug is extremely important to a functioning lawn mower and other small gas powered engines. Difficulty in starting, sputtering, and maintaining ignition can be a direct link to spark plug malfunction.

Service and Construction Equipment

Time is money, and lost time is lost money. You want your construction equipment to be fully functional through regular maintenance. Closer attention to maintenance will help avoid multiple trips to the shop and keep the machine productive on the job site where there is work to be done. This helps in saving money in the long-term both on replacement parts and down time. In the event that you need repairs, All Seasons Equipment and Small Engine Repair is where you should consider bringing your equipment.

Our service and maintenance consists of but isn’t limited to:

  • Checking engine and hydraulic oil levels.
  • Check the water and fuel separator.
  • Lubricate pivot points on the boom, dipper and bucket, along with the house swing bearing area.
  • Track adjustment Inspection:  Too loose of a track can result in poor maneuvering and lead to de-tracking, where the track comes off the idler and drive sprocket.  Too tight of a track can cause premature wear and breakage.  Both scenarios will cause down time and costly repairs.